After 1000 years, St Thomas is still the focal point of the village of East Clandon. A Grade I listed building, it is situated in one of the best preserved villages in Surrey and within a local conservation area.

The Friends Of St Thomas of Canterbury help preserve the church building for both villagers and visitors alike.

The aim of The Friends is to raise money to provide a source of funding over the long term:

to help with the costs of preserving the church and churchyard
for major items of expenditure

to help with urgent or unforeseen repairs

to assist with additional facilities aimed at preserving and enhancing the church and churchyard

There is a Friends newsletter giving details of fundraising activities, major works to the building and information about possible future projects.


FROST has been raising money to support St Thomas of Canterbury for a number of years; our previous Rector Barry Preece observed that in his view the Church would not now be going without that support of FROST in helping to maintain its fabric.

The importance of FROST was again confirmed at our last quinquennnial.

Within the Church of England every church building must be inspected by an approved architect or chartered building surveyor every five years; these inspections are called "quinquennials".
This regular system of review is designed to ensure that church buildings are kept in good repair, and rectifying any problems or issues could be very expensive.
The conclusion of the architect who undertook our latest quinquennial was:
The Church of St Thomas of Canterbury is an outstanding small medieval church building, beautifully restored in the late 19th century and cared for immaculately by those within the Parish and wider village
The inspecting architect struggled to find anything wrong with the building. This is a reflection of outstanding care and all involved with the building should be congratulated.
Our  Rector Barnaby Perkins says that he has never seen such a positive conclusion to a quinquennial.
So a huge thank you to all our friends. Without your support we could not maintain the fabric of our beautiful Church as we do, and provide such a wonderful spiritual and peaceful environment. 
We can of course not sit on our laurels; a 1000 year old Church will always need care and attention. So please do continue to give your wonderful support.

Read about recent and current projects FROST has supported on the Projects page.
We raise our money mainly through a number of events; again recent and planned events are set out on the Events page.